Seattle's Zayda Buddy's For Midwestern Comfort Food

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Business/Location: Zayda Buddy's
Address: 5405 Leary Ave NW
City: Seattle
State: WA
Zip Code: 98107
Phone: 206-783-7777

Posted by:  Karen Watson
Photo:  Karen Watson
   Zayda Buddy's
Thank you Zayda Buddy's for bringing deep fried cheese curds and Leinenkugel's Summer Wheat beer to Seattle. But sauerkraut on pizza? No offense, but I could have lived without. And I think the last time I had Pringles was sometime in the mid-80s, although I had forgotten how strangely wonderful they really are. Thanks to ZB, Midwestern comfort food has found a Seattle following. Wisconsin style beer cheese dip and tater tot casserole always helps of course. The menu is rounded out by other old school favorites like tuna casserole, fish sticks and gravy smothered french fries. The other big draw -- Minnesota style pizza, which is rolled precariously thin and cut into little square pieces. You betcha, it's tasty. Oh, and ladies, say hi to the vintage Burt Reynolds poster in the bathroom.

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Submitted on: 10/31/2014 6:23:12 PM      
By: Bill Boitano
Comment: FYI, that style of pizza isn't called Minnesota style. It's called St. Louis-style pizza. (Look it up on Wikipedia.) Though it is actually popular all over the Midwest--for instance, Cassano's and Donato's pizza, both based in Ohio, serve St. Louis-style pizza. In fact, the only Midwestern exceptions are Chicago-style deep dish (such as Uno's), and Detroit-style which has become America's de facto standard (both Domino's and Little Caesar's got their start in Detroit). Though true Detroit-style often puts the sauce on top (as exemplified by Buddy's Pizza). The rest of the Midwest, at least on the east side of the Great Plains, would classify St. Louis style pizza as their hometown style.