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Radar Image Cafe Demetrio

Coffee Worth Your Time

Considering the pleasant weather nine months out of the year, I've always felt that Miami could do so much better when it comes to outdoor cafes. I don't deny that yes, there are some decent Starbucks with outdoor seating, but really Miami? Are we going to let a bunch of corporate jocks tell us how to use your weather best? Sadly, in most cases it turns out that the corporations are quite keen, but if you keep your eye out, you'll find some local gems. Cafe Demetrio should certainly be on your l ... Continue

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Radar Image Miami Beach Cinematheque

A Film Buff's Dream

If you feel like watching a movie, but you are tired of the ubiquitous and bland experience offered at standard theaters, try out the Miami Beach Cinematheque located on the quiet end of Espanola Way. The establishment is dedicated to presenting lesser seen films, and is one of the pioneers of supporting cinema as a cultural beacon in this town where it can get awfully lonely for those of us seeking characters with substance. Upon entering you will feel relieved to have discovered the place. The ... Continue

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Radar Image Miami's Best Pizza

Moderately Adequate

To call yourself the best is almost always a recipe for disaster. Competition is rampant in every field and even the slightest things can ruin your reputation. Whatever Miami's Best Pizza's marketing plan is, they might want to consider the importance of not over hyping yourself in naming. Moderately decent Pizza in Miami perhaps is more accurate. The oddly shaped veggie pizza placed in front of me dripped with fresh toppings and it was consumed quickly for lunch, but nothing beyond that part ... Continue

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Radar Image The Cafe at Books & Books

Reader and Dog Approved

Books & Books, located on the SoBe shopping and dining center of Lincoln Road, is not only the place to get your beach read on, but it's a really wonderful cafe. The Cafe at Books & Books serves up paninis, large salads and has one of the few extensive vegan menus in South Beach. Instead of bread, servers bring a plate of black bean hummus with bagel chips (sometimes they forget so ask for it and tell them you want the free portion because it's also on the menu). Salads are huge and the ... Continue

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Radar Image Transit Lounge

Garage of Jazz

Image an auto mechanic marrying his high school sweet heart, an artsy chick who digs jazz. Together they open up an establishment with a mood catering to all their friends while feeling displaced amongst a landscape that says Grand Theft Auto more than beatnik paradise. In a nutshell, that's how it feels walking around in Transit Lounge. The grease monkey memories inhabiting the garage inspired bar area are time distortions compared to the contemporary art on the walls which remind your sense ... Continue

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Radar Image WEAM World Erotic Art Museum

Doin' It in the Museum

Go through the unassuming doorway, sandwiched between Tattoo parlors and t-shirt shops, up the elevator and transport your self into a world of dirty little things. The WEAM is a collection of erotic art, memorabilia, and trinkets from all over the world. Serious Picassos, S&M figurines, and tribal phallic gods co-mingle with nude Art Deco ladies and tiny Japanese figurines showing couples in positions it would take years of yoga to be able to do. There's even a psychedelic drug-inspired ful ... Continue

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Radar Image Miami Metrozoo

Wild at Heart

Miami Metrozoo was almost totally demolished by Hurricane Andrew in the '90s. Zoo Director Ron Magill became something of a local celebrity when he saved many animals by herding them in the various zoo bathrooms. Now, almost two decades later, the Miami Metrozoo is consistantly voted one of the top 10 zoos in the United States. Sectioned into Africa, Asia, Australia, and Amazon, this huge zoo is home to rare white tigers, Australian singing dogs, and lowland gorillas. Channel your inner ... Continue

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Radar Image Miami Beach Botanical Garden

A Tiny Escape

Across the street from the Miami Beach Convention Center and a block from the shops and restaurants of Lincoln Road lies possibly the teeniest Botanical Garden ever. The Miami Beach Botanical Garden is probably the best five minutes you'll ever spend in South Beach--a quiet oasis from the pretentious posers and painfully hip and trendy lounges and restaurants. You won't hear any trance or techno music blaring--just the sounds of the birds and the bees. A small sculpture garden is worth checkin ... Continue

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