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The surfeit of aging activists, neo-hippies, and left-leaning yuppies has earned this town the nickname "The People's Republic of Takoma Park." Proletariat they are not, however. Residents enjoy all the benefits of suburban living: big houses, fancy lattes, locally grown produce. But don't get too cynical -- Takoma Park is fiercely loyal to local businesses and has successfully resisted development and corporate "revitalization."

Check out the mom-and-pops and independents on Carroll Avenue for organic food, fair-trade tchotchkes, children's biodegradable toys, and vintage clothing. We also happen to love Capital City Cheesecake and Roscoe's Pizzeria.


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Posted By:  Magda Nakassis
Photo:  Takoma Bibelot

Takoma Park Farmers Market
Sometimes when my all-carb-no-veggies-only-processed-foods-with-no-nutritional-value diet starts to make my skin look sallow and my hair fall out, I begrudgingly allow myself to eat deliciously fresh and seasonal food. While there are always new farmer’s markets cropping up around the city, one of my favorites is just across the border in Takoma Park, Maryland. It was the first farmer’s market to operate year-round, and the first to govern itself. And it’s TkPk, so that means my affection for it conquers convenience. Going 24 years strong, it’s wonderful to see the same familiar faces every Sunday—no doubt many who have been coming here for years. With 23 vendors from four neighboring states, there’s plenty of selection to choose from. There’s Calvert County’s Ferry Landing Farm for homemade honey and Blue Ridge Botanicals for plants and herbs. And with autumn here, the delicious apple cider, red raspberries, and homemade brownies almost make up for the falling temperature. Almost.

Posted By:  Magda Nakassis
Photo:  Leah Barrow

In the age of Netflix, it says a lot about a video store that it, well, exists. I seem to remember going to non-Blockbuster, non-Hollywood Video stores growing up—but no more. Video Americain is one of the last independent stores left, and browsing through its cluttered shelves remains an absolute pleasure. The place is a true archive with its inventory of 20,000+, and you will find every bizarre Italian horror flick, BBC original period drama, and whacked-out American indie film you could ever desire. Started in Delaware in 1988, VA has expanded to include a second store in the “Small Wonder,” two stores in Baltimore, and two stores in and around the DC area (the other being in Adams Morgan). But I would say the Takoma Park location is my favorite. The staff is absurdly attractive, the store is dog-friendly (with treats behind the counter), and TkPk is chock full of personality—one of the best neighborhoods this over-priced town has to offer. I can’t imagine the place without Video Americain smack dab in the middle of it.

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