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A microcosm of America itself, here you'll find life snippets ranging from urban decay to disturbin' decadence, with a splash of semi-suburban simplicity a stone's skip away from Anacostia. Congressional Cemetery is a lesser-known jewel in a city crowned with famous landmarks, where you can visit the final resting places of many forgotten congressmen from previous centuries and enjoy views of the river.

Eighth Street (Barracks Row) is a nightlife epicenter that offers a variety of restaurants, bars, and a smattering of live music options. Check out Eastern Market on the weekends for arts and crafts outside and a mind-boggling selection of sausages inside. Feeling adventurous? Explore Anacostia and see the See more.

>Frederick Douglass House.


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Eastern Market: A Hidden Spot in the Center of DC

By Nancy Dunham
Bread, cheese, meat, seafood, produce, 1960s sex manuals.

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Posted By:  Magda Nakassis
Photo:  Magda Nakassis

Ted's Bulletin
A newcomer to Barracks Row from the folks behind Matchbox, Ted's Bulletin is taking Capitol Hill by storm--one milkshake and chicken-fried steak at a time. Furnished with metal and marble details from the 1928 Philadelphia Convention Center, the interior is charmingly retro. Servers wear smart vests and ties and the dining room is almost entirely booths. The menu is American comfort food, but dressed up: so burgers with meat ground in-house, brussels sprouts with bacon and blue cheese, and a slew of cocktail milkshakes. If you can't wait for the fourth season of Mad Men to begin, here's your go-to spot for meatloaf and swank.

Posted By:  Magda Nakassis
Photo:  Magda Nakassis

Capitol Hill Sporting Goods & Apparel
There are a lot of things I like about Capitol Hill Sporting Goods. I like that they have a wall plastered with photos of DC "celebs" posing with the owner. I like that one of those local stars is Anwan Glover (aka Big G, member of go-go group the Backyard Band, and actor of Slim Charles on The Wire). I like that the guy running the shop told me that Anwan Glover goes to the dentist across the street, on Barracks Row. I like their tagline and branded design: "D.C. THANG." And I like that the co-owner was wearing "D.C. THANG" paraphernalia from head to toe. But mostly I just like this design! It's genius! It's a line drawing of the Beltway, with the signs for adjoining highways embroidered! Hey, "I &lt3 NY," eat your heart out.

Posted By:  Elisabeth Grant
Photo:  Elisabeth Grant

Peregrine Espresso
When Murky Coffee shut down last year, due to ahem, trouble with the tax man, a void was left in Eastern Market. Where would the hipsters and locals go now that their independent coffee place sat empty and abandoned? Starbucks? As if. Then, this past August, the dark cloud lifted, the space would again be filled with the aroma of the freshly brewed, the gurgle of the espresso machine, and the tap tap of caffeinated fingers on laptops. The new coffee joint, Peregrine Espresso, is welcoming (with a friendly, knowledgeable staff), despite its minimalist, stark decor. Admittedly simplicity is its style, even spilling over onto the menu: there are no drink-size options (if you want a more than 12 ounces of mocha you're out of luck), only two syrups (chocolate and vanilla), and just a small selection of baked goods. But while still in its infancy as a business, it seems to be on the right track, pulling customers in throughout the day, and keeping friends and fans up to date with news and developments on the Peregrine Espresso blog. Hopefully they'll keep the Hill buzzing for a while.

Posted By:  Elisabeth Grant
Photo:  Elisabeth Grant

Hill's Kitchen
What do you get for the chef who has everything? Or for a creative (culinary-wise) child? Or for the hostess with the mostess? The answer: something from Hill's Kitchen, a new gourmet kitchen boutique near Eastern Market. Items in the store are funky sophisticated: brightly colored bowls, whisks with octopus-shaped handles, aprons and pot holders in fabulous fabrics. Serious chefs can find high end kitchen appliances, knives, and various kitchen gadgets, but there are plenty of items that would interest the kitchen-phobic as well (like the copies of Eat, Pray, Love tucked in between more serious cookbooks). But the best part of this store is the personal touch. Handwritten notes scattered throughout the store inform and entertain, and anything you buy can be boxed and bowed for free. If you're lucky you may run into the affable Leah Daniels, store owner, Capitol Hill native, and cookie cutter creator (Hill's Kitchen sells DC shaped cookie cutters Daniels designed herself). Check back soon (at the web site or the store) for info on cooking classes held on the second floor of Hill's kitchen (starting this fall).

Posted By:  Magda Nakassis
Photo:  Magda Nakassis

Kerplunk Designs
Some girls like animal prints. Leopard-print, zebra-print, giraffe-print. Me, I like to wear the whole animal. Not like a mink stole, but like t-shirts with wolves howling in front of a full moon--the kind you find in Smithsonian Institution gift shops. I also apparently am excessively nostalgic and enjoy dressing like a child. So when I saw Helen Johnson's adorable, handmade children's clothing (skirts, jumpers, overalls and "short-alls") at Eastern Market, I was delighted to find her wrap-around corduroy skirts in adult sizes (small to large-plus, and three different lengths). Helen is just about as sweet as her designs, and I can affirm that they are machine-washable and made to last. So if you prefer owls, whales, and koalas (some with buttons for eyes!) to cat prints, here's your couturier.

Posted By:  Elisabeth Grant
Photo:  Elisabeth Grant

The Remix
"Hideously fantastic" was the phrase that crossed my mind as I held up a giraffe-print, bell bottomed jumpsuit in the Remix Vintage Fashion Shop on Pennsylvania Avenue. It was made from highly synthetic fabric and proportioned for someone at least six feet tall, definitely a respectable outfit for a 70's disco. Gems like that eye-raising find are indeed found throughout the shop: a pleated leather skirt Madonna would be proud of, an old school madras blazer your grandfather would be likewise, a geometric patterned mod mini dress your mom owned back when she was hip. Remix, transplanted from the Del Ray area to over near the Eastern Market metro, offers the experience of rummaging through your cool aunt's closet. Search through high quality, well preserved clothes, accessories, and home furnishings from decades past. Prepare for sticker shock though. This isn't where you shop for the Friday night 80's party. You'll be lucky to find nearly anything for under 50 dollars. But hardcore vintage shoppers will be pleased with one-of-a-kind pieces that are kitschy today and in style tomorrow.

Posted By:  Elisabeth Grant
Photo:  Elisabeth Grant

Pizza Boli's
You're on the Hill. It's lunchtime, you're hungry, and all you have is a five dollar bill. Mission impossible? Mission Pizza Boli's! Head down 8th street, near the Eastern Market metro, for a lunch special that's cheaper than a tall peppermint latte from Starbucks: $3 for a giant slice of cheese pizza and a can of your favorite soda (I prefer Grape). If you're a pepperoni fan just cough up a few more coins, for still a good deal. Sure, Boli's is a chain, and its pizza doesn't really stand out from the crowd, but at this price and size (we're talking a slice the size of your head) it's worth a trip. There's no seating inside (and this is just a walk in deal), so after you grab your pizza hoof it down to Eastern Market and grab one of the picnic tables outside. Or, take it back to the office and let your coworkers marvel at the grandeur and cheesetasticness of your lunch. Hey, it beats peanut butter and jelly, and might be just as cheap.

Posted By:  Jade Floyd
Photo:  Jade Floyd

Locanda Cucina Meditalia
Locanda is a neighborhood eatery located in the heart of Eastern Market off Pennsylvania Avenue. A fresh and modern look with the entire front of the restaurant opening up to the street during the summer. It's like dining in a quaint European hot spot with the food to back it up. On my last visit my girlfriend and I had a spread of goodies including toasted ravioli with goat cheese and bread crumbs, asparagus salad, a cheese plate with Capa, Parmigiano Reggiano, and La Tur cheeses and a grilled octopus that was entirely too cute and perfectly presented on my plate and had this delicious smoked flavor. The kitchen is run by Brian Barszcz and his wife, Tammy, who oversees the front of the house. Aykan Demirioglu, maitre d' skillfully selects wines to perfectly pair with the dishes emerging from the kitchen. All of their pastries, desserts, and most of their pastas are made from scratch every single morning by a staple of DC dinning, Mrs. Liliana Dumas. For my drinking pleasure we had endless glasses of Vernaccia di Sam Gram Gimignano which goes for $6 a glass.

Posted By:  Magda Nakassis
Photo:  Courtesy of Ipso Crafto

For all the popularity of Craft Mutiny, Craft Mafia, Crafty Bastards, and the other fairs, there is only one arts & crafts supply shop worth your while in Washington, DC. That title goes to Ipso Crafto, a relative newcomer to Barracks Row in Capitol Hill. For all the fancy fine artists, there’s Utrechts and Plazas around town, but for us crafters in need of glue guns (low, high, dual temp, mini), stamp pads, pipe cleaners, and acid-free extra-strength glue sticks, Ipso Crafto is your destination in the District. In addition to these vital supplies, they also offer classes (scrappy hour, sewing circle, etc.) and host parties (for kids and grown-ups). It’s got everything you need to jumpstart that handmade stuffed monster, sassy greeting card, or screen-printed tote bag project! Get crafty!

Posted By:  Jade Floyd
Photo:  Jade Floyd

Red Door Gallery & Lounge
Every month the Red Door Gallery & Lounge hosts their installment of The Suite Spot featuring the artwork of local DC artists on the verge of stardom. This weekend on Saturday, March 8 from 10 to 2 pm they will feature the work of artist Traci Baker-Jackson. The Suite Spot is powered by The Groove Arts Collective (G.A.C) which is a DC based group of artists and enthusiasts dedicated to creating innovative and funky art-themed events. By bringing together good people, good music, and keeping it funky, G.A.C produces monthly and quarterly experiences that highlight the work of local, national and international artists. The owners, David Larkin and Donovan Bradford, created the Red Door to house an art gallery fused with a lounge concept. The gallery’s events are RSVP only and all artwork in the gallery is for sale. It has a full bar and café downstairs that serves up outstanding French cuisine. The Red Door and Groove Arts are keeping the District funky with this retro outlet for local artists that is becoming the Eastern Market’s neighborhoods trendiest hot spot. Though there is no charge for this weekend’s event, you must RSVP to

Posted By:  Jade Floyd
Photo:  Jade Floyd

Once a month I venture to Alvear Studio Design & Imports in the Eastern Market area to check out their newest international arrivals and snag a free copy of DC magazine. Alvear’s pieces include furniture, textiles, crafts, arts, home accessories, jewelry, and bags from more than 42 countries. Proprietors Francisco Pliego and Chris Alvear opened the place seven years ago after a successful three year stint as vendors in Eastern Market. They venture to locales across the world to find unique and striking pieces. Recently they returned from India with truckloads of Indian art, Buddha’s, and massive furniture collections which they could barely keep in stock. The store also frequently stocks teak dining room sets and Moroccan tile tables. Alvear offers custom interior design services and they have outfitted a number of homes and restaurants across the DC area including Oyamel, Rustico Restaurant, and the recently opened Sova Wine and Espresso Bar. On the second Saturday of every month at 7 pm, Alvear joins with other storefronts in the Eastern Market area for a free gallery walk. Alvear features an artist each month during this event in an effort to increase their visibility in the DC market and present DC residents with distinctive artistic creations.

Posted By:  Megan Parry
Photo:  Megan Parry

I fell in love during my first trip to Tortilla Coast. Some (some being the friends that I drag there on a regular basis) would even say obsessed. And no, my affection is not for some cute, young staffer from the Hill power- lunching over enchiladas. Instead, I’ve become enamored with the most tasty, saucy chips and salsa combos I’ve had. The homemade, fresh, greasy as hell tortilla chips with the spicy, fresh finely chopped salsa has become a necessity of life. The rest of the food is typical Tex-Mex fare that’s quite yummy but compares to the chips and salsa like Hersey’s compares to Godiva. Who needs an entrée anyway, especially when you’ve got chips and salsa like this and a pitcher of margaritas on the way? So skip lines at Lauriol Plaza and hop the metro with some like-minded individuals (read: those who can handle camping out in a Mexican restaurant to get drunk, fat and truly, truly happy) to Capitol South for a lust-inducing chips and salsa experience.

Posted By:  David Freedenberg
Photo:  David Freedenberg

Mr. Henry's
The Washington Nationals have—mercifully—ended their second season at RFK Stadium. At twenty games under .500, they rarely gave us much reason to journey east of the Capitol dome last summer. Thankfully, Mr. Henry’s isn’t nearly as far east from the Capitol as RFK is. And if the kitchen staff there was a baseball team, it’d be a perennial winner. The menu consists of basic American classics like burgers (half price on Monday evenings), sandwiches, and salads. It’s nothing too fancy, but the ingredients are of the highest quality and they never drop the ball on any dish. If you’re lucky, you’ll arrive on a day when they serve one of their delicious southern barbeque specials. The crowd varies from Capitol Hill happy hour types to gay and proud later in the evening. Occasionally it fills up with Nationals fans celebrating a victory after the game, but you seldom have to worry about that..

Posted By:  Sara Kruger
Photo:  Sara Kruger

Uncle Brutha's Hot Sauce Emporium
If your weekday meals need a bit of shaking up, Uncle Brutha’s Hot Sauce Emporium is kickin’ to offer some spicy suggestions. The shelves of this shop are crammed with more than 300 selections from around the world, all jostling for your attention. Bet you didn’t know there were that many types of hot sauce. Tabasco never looked so boring. The best part for us novices is the hot sauce tasting bar. Describe your taste preference to the lovely behind the counter (Uncle Brutha’s mutha), and she’ll whip out a handful of tortilla chips and do her best to set your palate aflame, talking you through the flavors melding in each bottle. Try One Stop Sauce—a fruity Caribbean pleaser for fire-eaters and those who think ketchup is a tad much.

Posted By:  Jason DeYoung
Photo:  Jason DeYoung

First, I need to say what’s wrong. They’re always out of something, whether it’s jam or apple juice. The wait-staff is often gruff or forgetful. And, while I have no way to prove this, I truly believe that they re-use straws that haven’t been opened by previous customers—the last two times I’ve been there, my gruff and forgetful waitress tossed crumbled straws with their paper ends twisted or broken on our table. But for everything that’s wrong with Bread & Chocolate, they do have some tasty brunch items. Their eggs benedict is sweet and creamy, and their German pancakes are light yet filling. They have an impressive and somewhat inventive collection of omelets, and most entrees come with tasty rosemary potatoes and a heaping breadbasket with a satisfying collection of different pastries. Just remember to bring your own straws.

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