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You gotta love gentrification. Suddenly, even seedy places like Landmark have golden appeal to DC commuters, who, pissed off with the traffic to their ever-farther suburbs, trade in McMansions for a piece of cheaper development closer to the city. Now, this poor relation of Old Town is beginning to shape up into a white-collar scene of new restaurants and shops, catering to the new money pouring in. The Metro is what keeps the area transitioning, and only more growth is expected.

There are still some, shall we say, seedy areas around, but Landmark's appeal to commuters has helped revitalize the area. You'll find plenty of dining possibilities nearby -- try the crabcakes at Clyde's, or just head to the nearest big-box and make your own gourmet meal (serving 25 or more). The local mall is on its way out, rumored to be re-imagined as, you guessed it, more housing.See more.


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Posted By:  Sara Kruger
Photo:  Sara Kruger

Authentically Amish
It’s time to clear away those Ikea flatpacks leftover from your college days and welcome home the real thing. Authentically Amish Fine Furnishings in Alexandria offers the enduring quality of solid wood in classic Amish styles. Among the furniture available are bedside tables, magazine racks, dining room tables and chairs, and the distinctly un-Amish CD and DVD racks. Prices start in the triple digits, but remember, the wood is going to last a long time. Pieces are made from cherry, maple, oak and pine. Pine, being a softer wood, is on the cheaper end, and the one to look for if you’re on a budget. Cherry, a harder, scarcer wood is the most expensive. Wooden Amish games and toys perch on some of the bookshelves–possible gifts for the little tykes in your life. Finally, don’t leave the store without learning how to avoid mistaking veneer for solid wood. Then, go home and throw out the Ikea catalogues.

Posted By:  Nancy Dunham
Photo:  Nancy Dunham

Thai Lemongrass
In a little strip mall by an Enterprise Car Rental and a Dunkin’ Donuts is Thai Lemon Grass, a restaurant that proves you don’t need to venture into DC for tasty ethnic food. The restaurant servers all of the traditional Thai food you likely seek, enhanced with pork, duck, chicken, and steak. The vegetarian offerings are also extensive. But the difference between Thai Lemon Grass and its more upscale cousins is that the staff goes out of its way to ensure the dish is prepared the way you want. Don’t like onions? No problem. If you’ve tried a dish elsewhere that you’d like to order, tell them the ingredients and they’ll likely create it. You can sit and work on your laptop or get those pesky tax forms filled out while you sip tea and eat appetizers. Stay as long as you like. This restaurant, decorated in a modern, comfortable motif, is a stand-out.

Posted By:  Nancy Dunham
Photo:  Nancy Dunham

Winkler Botanical Preserve
You probably drive by the back of Winkler Botanic Preserve all the time and have no idea it’s there. Few people do. Who would think that behind a high-rise hotel, on the other side of a garden-style apartment complex, lurks one of the prettiest hiking areas in the area? The Winkler Botanic Preserve was once a pig farm and later the dumping ground for old tires and trash. The Mark Winkler family bought the 43-acre grounds in the 1980s, cleaned them up, and created a jaw-droppingly beautiful, wooded garden with vegetation that is mostly natural to the area. Hikers can go straight down a mulch-covered path or climb onto the trails that lead toward the slightly hilly back of the preserve, past streams and plentiful wildlife. Some hiking paths take you by a Hobbit House (complete with glass windows and a tiny door). Other trails go by a mountain lodge that features rockers on the porch—perfect for stopping to rest while gazing out at the lovely man-made pond. Whichever path you take, you’ll be stunned to realize you’re only 4 miles from downtown DC, and within throwing distance of I-395.

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