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White Center / South Park / Beverly Park

Where can you find two spacious, members-only country clubs poised over an industrial waterway area rivaling the worst of North Jersey and a town hub thick with ethnic markets and seedy tattoo parlors? Step right up folks--it's all here! Yup, life in White Center (a.k.a Rat City for reasons best left to urban legend) means never having to leave the 'hood for fun.

With all the factories and industrial parks, this area lacks a bit in good dining and nightlife options. South Park (the 'hood, not the TV show) is home to Muy Macho, the best authentic Mexican restaurant in Seattle. When the sun goes down locals flock to Loretta's, which is also worth a trip if you're planning a night out in South Park.


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Posted By:  Craig Nelson
Photo:  Craig Nelson

Loretta's Northwesterner
Ok, here's a challenge NFT readers. Can anyone else out there find another bar on the planet that has a retro Airstream trailer in the backyard where you can sip beer and play records? Throw in some cheap burgers, a ping pong table, and classic tunes like Dolly or Hank Williams, and you have what might be the best neighborhood bar in the city. The best part about Loretta's is that they keep it real. No attitude, just a down-home atmosphere that hipsters and old-timers can appreciate. Next time you think about heading out to Cappie Hill or Fremont, stop for a second. Call your buddy with a car (preferably a bio diesel Benz), and convince them to drive you out to Loretta's. After a few beers in the trailer, you might start thinking about finding a place in South Park so you can walk home next time.

Posted By:  Sara Dow
Photo:  Sara Dow

Westcrest Park
A good off-leash dog park is worth its weight in gold. Most people have been to Magnuson and Marymoor, but there's a hidden gem in Delridge--Westcrest Park. It's definitely in the hood, but man oh man is it cool. There's so much space that even if a lot of dogs show up, it never feels crowded. Your pup has a choice between 5 different environs: a wood chipped dog run, a shaded picnic area, a grassy section, these huge cement pipes, or the walking loop. There's also a separate small-and-shy dog area with its own grassy section and picnic table, and there's running water in two places. You can even connect up to the West Duwamish Greenbelt, a series of trails through the woods (you'll need your leash). The best thing though is the community nature of it all--people fill containers with bags for public use and share chuck-its and balls.

Posted By:  Ingrid Mattson
Photo:  Ingrid Mattson

Westcrest Park
Come for the dogs, stay for the cruising. Yep, that kind of cruising. The four-acre dog park at Westcrest has trails, balls, water dishes, and an obstacle course of sorts. What's more, the place is frequently packed, so dogs in south Seattle can sniff butts and hump for hours on end and rarely encounter the same butt twice. Dare to leave the off-leash area for your own opportunity for an intimate encounter. Or if you're feeling particularly lazy, hang out in southern parking lot and wait for an inquiry. With about 80 acres of park total and tons of wooded trails, you're sure to have some privacy.

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