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Queen Anne (West)

Like the rest of Queen Anne, this section caters to the upwardly mobile--meaning condos and attractive views. Speaking of which, Kinnear Park provides fine views of the Seattle skyline and Puget Sound from its upper tier, while the lower section appears welcoming until you stumble upon overgrown shrubs and the makeshift hobo camp.

Most of the businesses on this side of town sell real estate or craft computer software, which is valuable to the local economy but doesn't do much good on a dull Thursday night. Betty is a fine dining option. Grab a drink with the locals at Targy's or enjoy the microbrewing expertise of Holy Mountain Brewing Company Taproom.


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Posted By:  Barrie Arliss
Photo:  Barrie Arliss

Top Pot Doughnuts
I fear doughnuts. Not because they are fattening, but because they always look stale. Case in point: the Queen Anne Top Pot. I told the chick behind the counter how scared I was about taking a dip in the glazed pool and she pointed me in an applesauce direction. Well, shit I like applesauce more than a newborn and there doesn't seem to be that weird film on top. I'll take one. Sadly, this "applesauce" doughnut was freezing. Sure, it was snowing all morning, but that doesn't mean you can't have an oven in the back keeping things fresh all the time. If Krispy Kreme can do it then so can this hipster Seattle doughnut place. So I immediately got home and popped my poor d'ohnut in the microwave, already feeling like I've done too much to enjoy my morning meal. With a tall glass of milk, my non-glazed doughnut was just decent. In fact, I immediately had a bowl of plain Cheerios to compensate for my mediocre sugar rush. Alas, my fear for doughnuts and Top Pot continues.

Posted By:  Barrie Arliss
Photo:  Barrie Arliss

Kerry Park
When a tourist comes to Seattle, you take them to two places. The top of the Space Needle and Kerry Park. Why not avoid the long ass line for the boring ass Space Needle, and hike up the hill to Kerry Park? With one of the nicest views of the city and countless professional pictures to prove it, Kerry Park is the place where tour buses come as often as Seattleites. See everything from the Space Needle (for free) to Alki Beach to the Olympic Mountains, all in one teeny tiny park. Take pictures of everything, even the weird black sculpture that lies in the middle of the park and you can drop your tourists off at the airport pleased that they've seen everything Seattle has to offer.

Posted By:  Barrie Arliss
Photo:  Barrie Arliss

Parsons Garden
Yet, another place that I've probably passed a billion times and never knew existed. From the outside it just looks like another fancy schmancy Queen Anne home with a huge f*#k-off garden. Then when you realize that you can actually go through the gate and into Alice's wonderland, you find out that Parsons Garden is such a great, albeit small, piece of heaven. People with cameras who are sick of the Space Needle and Mount Rainier can come here and jerk off to all the pretty flowers growing about. And the gazebo is just calling for a quaint wedding in the summertime. Go when you're sick of the tour buses at Kerry Park. Go to have a dumb picnic with your boyfriend. Or just go and read a book or gawk at someone's annoyingly cute family having a nice day. It's the perfect, little retreat that's just a short walk from the obvious beauty of Kerry Park. Yet, this park gives you things like shade and no condo construction.

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