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North Delridge

The charm of this part of town is that they seem to have one foot in the 1950s while the other foot steps bravely into the 21st century. A large elderly population thrives amongst a strong influx of young families seeking kid-friendly goods and services. Snap the ideal panoramic photograph of Seattle's skyline from Harbor Avenue or up steep Admiral Way. There's really nothing pretentious in this neck of the woods. A coffee stop at Java Bean in Luna Park is worth the detour.

Most tourists head straight for pricey Salty's on Alki, with its stunning city view. Skylark packs them in on the weekend and serves up the ultimate combination of tater tots with a side of rock n' roll.


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Posted By:  Ingrid Mattson
Photo:  Ingrid Mattson

I always thought that a place that tried to be too many different things would really suck, but Skylark actually seems to have gotten it right: a huge variety of free live music, good food (including brunch), comedy, BYOV (Bring Your Own Vinyl), open mic, karaoke, and all ages nights. How do the hell do they do it?! Here's my guess. First, the variety is on a schedule. You can check the website ahead of time so you don't accidentally show up for "comedy" when what you really wanted was the latest in alt-country. Second--this is hugely important--there is no cover charge! So if you forget to check online before you go, it doesn't matter. You might have the time of your life listening to some electronic computer-playing duo you never thought you'd like and not get screwed having to pay ten bucks to hear it! You don't have to worry about having enough cash on hand when the latest "It" band comes to town and charges $35 a ticket. Most importantly, if that electronic duo's just not hitting the spot, you have more money to spend on Skylark's quality beer, making them all fade into the ether.

Posted By:  Chris LaRoche
Photo:  Chris LaRoche

I'd really like to like you, Cafe Skylark. After all, you're so hip and cool, with your exposed tin decor, motorcycle motif and prevalence of dyed-hair hipsters. You serve Tatter Tots! You pour Kiltlifter! Your menu is imprinted on soft leather! Your karaoke features Def Leppard, Tupac, and Weird Al! You've been called "Best Place for Live Music in West Seattle"! But Skylark, your presence is a death knell to the old Seattle. Not long ago, this was a two-bit dive bar, busy with a 5 to 9 crowd of steel workers stumbling over from Alcoa behind you. They'd smoke their Marlos and drown in stubs of Oly's and reflect on their latest molten metal scars. Their oily forearms linger like ghosts, bellowing with pain every time someone orders the "Super Fresh Vegan Sandwich." Skylark, you are the epitome of the new Seattle—down with the old, in with the hip—and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

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