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Laurelhurst / Wedgwood / Sand Point

The half-dozen 'hoods northeast of UW make up "Seattle's First Suburb": a nice, quiet family-friendly place. UW profs settle here, and the neighborhood is home to one of Seattle's largest Jewish communities. The area is residential, but for nature enthusiasts, Magnuson Park offers a universe of entertainment.

The shops on Sand Point Way peter out leaving U Village, as do those on 35th. PCC and Metropolitan Market, both on 40th, battle for the chance to provide your overpriced organic and gourmet foods. Wedgwood Ale House is dependable and Wedgwood BroilerSee more.

> is a trip back to the halcyon days of steak, martinis and captain's chairs.


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Posted By:  Jessica Baxter
Photo:  Jessica Baxter

Van Gogh Coffeehouse
Van Gogh is the Spiderman of coffee shops; it's friendly, neighborhoody and kicks the asses of other coffee shops. Starbucks employees have to go to boot camp to learn the customer service techniques that these ladies innately possess. They don't just know what your "yooj" is. They know your name, your kids and your dog and they genuinely how your day is going. You know that Tukwila coffee stand which draws business with bikini babes? To that I say "whatevs." You can put a bikini on a monkey but that doesn’t mean it can make a cappuccino. The Van Gogh girls are cute and talented. Your foam has never been so silky and your shot (or shots) will be perfect every time. You can get your drink to go, but you'll probably want to hang out for a while for the free wi-fi and yummy food. How do you like your sandwich? With eggs and bakey? Classic deli-style? Panini toasted? In pie form? Prefer a fresh cookie or pastry? You got it! You have to wait for the weekend for the quiche. But the personalized attention from your friendly neighborhood barista, you can have every day.

Posted By:  Meiwa Chen

PCC Natural Markets
Calling all Birkenstock-wearing, tree-hugging animal-lovers. Have I got the market for you! PCC sells 100% organic, locally-grown, all-natural produce and groceries. Soon the environmentally friendly cashiers at Puget Consumers Co-op won’t even be asking “Would you like paper or plastic?” Either bring your own bag or buy one of their reusable totes. Consider becoming a member and receive monthly discounts. Even though we must give kudos to this ecologically and agriculturally sustainable effort, their selections can be limited and will easily break your budget. As for you folks who live a convenient 30 seconds away from PCC, some occasions do unfortunately require driving a little further and forgoing the natural. After all, organic yogurt (not to mention ice cream) just doesn’t taste the same as real yogurt, and cheesecake made with organic cream cheese really isn’t cheesecake.

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