NFT Seattle Central District (North)

Central District (North)

The north side of the Central District is an Ethiopian and African-American community being swallowed by new developments. Family-owned groceries and restaurants sit quietly between the busy streets of Adler, 23rd Avenue, MLK, and Union where the Garfield Community Center and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Mural are located.

Take your pick among the many Ethiopian restaurants that line the streets of Cherry and Union. Assimba, Meskel and Café Selam are standouts. And then there's chicken: Ezell's fries up tasty cluckers. Wash it all down with a drink and a song at hipster oasis See more.

>The Twilight Exit.


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The NFT Guide To Recreational Weed

By Jessica Baxter
In 2014, Washington made history as one of the first states (along with Colorado) to end marijuana prohibition. The journey from legalization to retail has been a lengthy and grueling process . . .
A (Karaoke) Place to Call Home

By Jessica Baxter
Eight years ago Jessica Baxter walked into an empty bar in Seattle to "sing" Daydream Believer in front of 3 friends and 6 wasted, possibly dangerous strangers. She wanted more. Now she's a bona fide karaoke expert.

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Posted By:  Karen Watson
Photo:  Karen Watson

Central Cinema
The Central Cinema isn't so much a movie theater but a completely irreverent interactive experience. Laugh your head off quoting along to Monty Python's Holy Grail while the usher runs up and down the aisles dressed as a deranged bunny and the audience sets off their complimentary holy hand grenades. On Ladies of the '80s night re-live your high school prom in a Cher, Miss Jackson, and Pat Benatar sing along. You really can turn back time except on this occasion you're old enough to legally drink. Not only do you get to watch awesomely bad retro movies like Gymkata and have insane amounts of fun but you get to eat and drink while doing it. It's like your own family room but better because you don't have to cook or clean up. The Central Cinema's menu offers everything from gourmet fresh popcorn to pizza, sandwiches, and dessert. With lots of vegan, vegetarian, and adult beverage options I might just bring my snuggie and move in.

Posted By:  Barrie Arliss
Photo:  Barrie Arliss

Last Waltz
A lot of the boutique stores around here are the same. Snobby chick up front could give a shit you're in there because you're probably not going to buy anything/she's talking to her friend who sponges off her for the good discount. Not the case at The Last Waltz. The staff and owner are the friendliest people I've come across since Fancy, Schmancy (or is it Nancy Nancy now?) and Pants. The clothes are to die for, albeit a little on the pricey side. But note to thrifty people like myself: the real vintage stuff is priced fairly and in the back right corner. There's not much to the inexpensive collection, but it's enough to keep you there, poking around at all the other goodies this store hordes. If you like owls or old ashtrays or even older medicine bags, this is the place for you. Just make sure you're as nice as the lovely people who own this cute little North Capitol Hill store.

Posted By:  Barrie Arliss
Photo:  Barrie Arliss

Cappy's On Union Boxing Gym
If you want someone to totally kick your butt (and arms and legs), please go to Cappy's Boxing Gym and take his introductory $5 fitness boxing class. Even fitness gurus will find this one hour to be the most grueling 60 minutes of their lives. Cappy actually teaches the classes, and be prepared. He will make you jump rope until your legs fall off and then punch at bags and people holding cushions until your arms fall off. Sorry, no artificial limbs provided. But you will get a whole new outlook on how hard it really must've been for Rocky.

Posted By:  Craig Nelson
Photo:  Aaron Schielke

The Twilight Exit
Hear ye, hear ye, lovely citizens of Seattle. Your attendance is required on Friday, November 9 at the Twilight Exit to celebrate the release of the first ever NFT Guide to Seattle. It is your duty to show hometown pride and come party down at one of Seattle's favorite bars. We’ll have some special non-billionaire guests like that dude you always see on the 14 bus, that really friendly waitress who lives in Ballard, that cute barista, and many other Seattle celebrities. And if you're not into the red carpet thing, then at least come out for a free copy of the brand new NFT 2008 Guide to Seattle. Keep it for yourself, give it to a new lover, sell it on Ebay for 2 bucks (if you’re lucky)…we don’t care. Just show up and have a grand time. We'll also be kicking off the weekend right by quenching our thirst on some beverages courtesy of the Twilight Exit. All the festivities start at 6 pm, so make sure to sneak out of work early. Hope to see you there! Click here to get the invite.

Posted By:  Marty Stegner
Photo:  Marty Stegner

The Twilight Exit
For most people, Capitol Hill bars are restricted to the Pike-Pine corridor, a handful of places on 15th, and The Crescent. Those brave enough to venture further up the hill find a drinking oasis in the Twilight Exit, the best bar in Seattle that no one goes to. Dimly lit, spacious, unpretentious, and cheap, the Exit knows its role and plays it well. The standard characters are present: aging punk rockers who want to drink in peace from the novices, restaurant workers tying one on after work, and drunk middle-aged contractor from Spokane who will ask to buy weed from you. Complete with pool, arcade games, and a strong jukebox, the Exit has most of the drinking distractions that most Capitol Hill bars lack. It might be a little bit off the beaten-to-death path of the Seattle bar scene, but the Exit wouldn't have it any other way.

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