NFT Seattle Capitol Hill (West)

Capitol Hill (West)

Seattle's a gay-friendly city and there's no neighborhood pinker than Capitol Hill, particularly along the main drag, Broadway. Rainbow flags festoon the lampposts, bold displays of affection are commonplace, and leather daddies can be spotted strolling grocery store aisles in full regalia. Meanwhile, runaway street urchins make themselves at home and no one seems to care about vowels anymore. Get an espresso at Espresso Vivace and contemplate it all.

For Vietnamese pho, try Pho Cyclo or the Capitol Hill Than Brothers. Aoki pulls off good quality sushi and a wide selection of sakes. Feed your Broadway posse at See more.

>Dick's Drive-In late Friday night after sipping a divine cocktail at Sun Liquor. The Stumbling Monk is a comfy spot for Belgian beers and good conversation. Glo's is the place for breakfast (also open late), but be prepared to wait.


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Posted By:  Karen Watson
Photo:  Karen Watson

Espresso Vivace
Vivace has the best coffee in Seattle. No, make that North America. Maybe even beyond. Besides some kick ass Cuban coffee I had in Key West, Vivace Americanos are my standard. Sorry Paris, your Cafe Au Laits don't even come close. The creamy sweetness of the in house roasted espresso is delectable and makes me, a self proclaimed sugar addict, go without added sweetener. Although I still use about a cup of half and half. At their old location, I used to wait in a line that snaked around the corner in order to get my fix on a Saturday morning. I didn't give a damn if I had to wait twenty minutes, where else would I go, Starbucks? Like half of Broadway, the old building has become a pile of bricks in sacrifice to the new Metro Transit Station. Vivace took their espresso machines (and gorgeous mural) to go play in a shiny new space under a bunch of spanking new condos, where the vibe is slightly sunnier but the line is just as long. But hey, don't go changin' just to try and please me.

Posted By:  Barrie Arliss
Photo:  Barrie Arliss

Spooky Coke Machine
This piece of nostalgia just won't go away. It's like that dude who had a beeper for too long, and then suddenly it's kinda retro to have one again. Okay, maybe not. But still, this old coke machine is da bomb. There's even a Mystery selection, where you can get anything from another Coke to an apple juice. This guy who lived in my building once bragged to me that he only picked the Mystery button because he too was mysterious. I just thought he was lame, but who was I to ruin his mystique? This machine is rusty, has push buttons you can see from at least a mile away and doesn't take pennies. You would think this relic would be ignored by all, especially when there's a Rite Aid a mere block away. But you would be wrong. Everyone, from crack heads to bums (there is a difference) uses this machine that's older than my grandma. And so should you.

Posted By:  Jessica Baxter
Photo:  Jessica Baxter

Red Light Vintage Clothing
Seattle thrift stores are completely picked over. You have a better chance of getting struck by lightening than of finding a vintage gem at the Goodwill. Thankfully there's the Red Light. The sizes tend to run a little small and ladies who still have all their ribs might have to root around a little. But it's usually worth the effort. The prices are surprisingly reasonable as long as you stick to true vintage. Stay away from the "vintage inspired" rip-off racks of new clothes. The Capitol Hill location is superior to the U.D. in terms of selection. It's also fun to peruse their massive costume room whether or not you have a reason to dress up. Take a minute to peek at the accessory cases containing fun wallets and purses, funky sunglasses and jewelry and seriously badass belt buckles. Whether you're attending a theme party or just like the old timey look, Red Light should be your first stop on your shopping excursion. But try to get your Halloween shopping done early or sharpen your elbows because the last week of October at either Red Light location is a douchy free-for-all.

Posted By:  Barrie Arliss
Photo:  Barrie Arliss

Queen Sheba
I used to live right across the street from this Ethiopian restaurant. I've never had the shit before, assuming all I'd get was rice and a request to donate 1 penny everyday for some kid's education. But I tried it anyway and boy was I wrong. I highly recommend the vegetarian platter. All the items come on this bread that reminds me of naan, but tears like a pancake and tastes like tangy meets spongy meets awesome. The veggies put on top all look like different hues of shit, but I swear they are good in your tummy. There are some creamy corn bits and spinach bits and something brown and then a cabbage thing that's too spicy for me, but I eat it anyhow because it's just so good with that weird bread. But the item that seals the deal for me here is their wine. Known as Tej, it's honey wine and it gets me silly just smelling it. Sure, the service can kinda suck sometimes but after a bottle of Tej and your tummy full of amazingly different food you won't even notice it takes the waitress 15 minutes to come back with your change.

Posted By:  Ingrid Mattson
Photo:  Ingrid Mattson

Top Pot Doughnuts
If for no other reason, go to Top Pot because the alternatives (cupcakes) are so lame in comparison. Ask any mom on the block and she'll tell you a doughnut--even covered in frosting and sprinkles--counts as breakfast. Taking the icing off a cupcake and calling it a muffin does not make it breakfast. And all that BS about cupcakes being a portion-controlled, semi-healthy indulgence is totally ridiculous. If you're trying to justify your calories, eat an apple for Chrissakes and quit pretending your damn cupcake is a reasonable alternative to anything. Doughnuts make no pretenses about their food pyramid status. They're delicious, calorie-and-fat-laden morsels of heaven. And though this is Seattle and we're full of angst trying to fit into our skintight, low-rise emo jeans, wouldn't you rather follow in the footsteps of American icon Homer Simpson than the mincing, Manolo Blahnik-wearing footsteps of Carrie Bradshaw? Swing by any of the five Top Pots and treat yourself to some Americana with one (or both) of my personal favorites: the sandcastle--a cinnamon and sugar dusted chocolate cake doughnut--or a pink feather boa covered in pink frosting and coconut.

Posted By:  Jessica Baxter
Photo:  Jessica Baxter

CrazyCherry (formerly the lawsuiterific CrazyBerry), is the frozen yogurt of the future. I admit I was skeptical at first. They have only two flavors, one of which is "plain." The other is "green tea." "What's all this crapery?" I wondered. "I'm on board with the Green Tea but what kind of fascist establishment calls 'plain' a flavor? What are my topping options? Rice and water?" But since I'm a girl who loves her some fro yo, I decided to give it a whirl. Much to my surprise, there is nothing plain about the "plain." It's sweet and delicious with tangy kick. The "green tea" doesn't disappoint either. But, as I soon learned: CrazyCherry ain't about the flavor of the yogurt. It's about the TOPPINGS! Their vast array is not limited to the moniker-alluded berries. They carry the traditional delights like sprinkles and oreo crumble, but they also offer unique (and magically delicious) toppings like Captain Crunch, marshmallows and mochi balls (Ha! Rice IS a topping). Once you've chosen a topping trifeca kick back in a smooth futuristic orange plastic chair and contemplate the white orb lights dangling from the ceiling whilst scarfing down your personalized, moderately healthy yogurt creation. The future is now.

Posted By:  Gawel Feliga
Photo:  Gawel Feliga

Dick's Drive-In
So it's a better place to get a burger than McDonald's, Sir Mix-a-Lot rapped about it and it's open til 2 am. It's still a friggin' burger though. Pretty tasty I guess, greasy fries, cheap ice creams. There's almost always a line here and you start to wonder if it's worth the wait--especially with the selection of other great food in the area. But this is quick and won't drain your pockets. One of the panhandlers runnin' around might if you let him. Damn, standing in line sucks. And I'm not even standing with cool people. I thought Broadway was supposed to be all hip. Everybody's ugly in this line. Probably should go jog instead of fartin' around over here, go get a salad, fatties. Oh, my turn. Let's see how that cheeseburger looks. Yeah. Squashed.

Posted By:  Suzanne Rugh
Photo:  Suzanne Rugh

Teriyaki & Wok
It’s hard to choose a teriyaki place in a city abounding with Japanese fast food. So it is only worth mentioning when one stands heads above the rest—as in the case of Teriyaki & Wok. Located on Broadway in Capitol Hill across from Urban Outfitters, they offer the regular fare—teriyaki, chicken katsu, yakisoba—but they step it up by also serving Chinese food. The thing that sets this place apart from the rest is that it tastes so fresh. It’s not overly salted, which plagues so many of their teriyaki counterparts—the teriyaki sauce alone is worth the trip. And you know that little salad that always comes with your teriyaki? Theirs is actually worth something and covered in a dressing that any head of lettuce would be proud to give its life for. I suggest substituting their regular chicken for all white meat. It costs a little more but the upgrade is worth it. Their portions are generous, the place is clean and the staff is nice. Give it a try.

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