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Bellevue (East)

Trees and scattered parks with numerous sports camps surround the quiet residential areas, keeping the moms and soccer vans busy. An ideal location for picnics and water sports, Idylwood Beach Park on Lake Sammamish is a popular hangout for teenagers eager (and longing) for the sun and warm weather. Rural farmland less than sixty years ago, Redmond is now a pricey city and home to a certain gazillion-dollar behemoth that goes by the unaccountably modest moniker of Microsoft.

The food court at the aging Crossroads shopping center is more popular than the stores themselves, but the mall provides important community services including a mini police department, city hall, and even a library. Plus, all the public areas have free Wi-fi. Come watch locals duke it out on the giant public chess board.See more.


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Posted By:  Karen Watson
Photo:  Karen Watson

New York Cupcakes
As much as I adore cupcakes, they will only ever be a vehicle to get the frosting to my mouth. Like a cake pillow where the delicate frosting rests it's head. I discovered New York Cupcakes by accident on a recent visit to Crossroads Mall and obviously couldn't leave without having a taste. The verdict--wonderful moist cake foundation, supporting a roof of soft delicious frosting. I've heard some complaints that the frosting is way to sweet. Well, like, yeah, it's frosting dumb asses. Guzzle some calcium with your vitamin S and order the $3.50 cupcake and milk special. Cupcake varieties like Ticker Tape Parade, Coney Island Coconut, Grand Central Smores, Park Avenue Peanut Butter, and Radio City Raspberry pay homage to New York’s revival of the Cupcake craze (thanks Sex and the City). Check out the retro pink fridge, it fits in perfectly with the pastel candy store-like interior.

Posted By:  Meiwa Chen
Photo:  Meiwa Chen

Crossroads Mall Food Court
It’s one of those nights. No one can agree on what restaurant to go to, and prolonged hunger is making everyone cranky. Your dad wants good ol’ BBQ, your mom wants sushi, your pencil thin pre-teen sister only wants a salad, and you can’t decide between gooey cheese pizza, Indian curry or a Mexican burrito. Did I mention that grandma wants Chinese fried rice? Solution? The Crossroads Mall Food Court. With about a dozen dumbed-down cultural cuisines to choose from, it’ll make everyone happy, not snappy. Food’s decent and price is affordable, but it may take a couple laps of tray balancing before finding a table as the court is usually packed around dinner time with families avoiding doing the dishes. Or just come for the nightly live music performances from local artists and school bands.

Posted By:  Meiwa Chen

Microsoft Corporate Headquarters
You would think that Microsoft couldn’t get any bigger. Well, get this. It can, and it will. They’ve purchased land and office space from nearby corporations Eddie Bauer, Nintendo and Safeco, adding 14 buildings in a span of 3 years, and in addition to the 29,000 parking spaces on campus, plans are also underway for an underground parking garage next to 520 to accommodate another, gulp… 5,000 cars. As if traffic around here wasn’t already dreadful enough. If you are still dying to know more about this little known corporation (admit it, you’re a tourist), you can walk through the company’s 30 year history at the Microsoft Visitor Center, check out Bill Gates’ first ever business card, and test out the newest software products and games (all you Xbox fans!). But Seattleites don’t need to visit this center. We either already know more about Microsoft than we ever needed to, already work there, or both.

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