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One of Philadelphia's more overlooked limbs, the Northeast is barely noticed by locals who live in other neighborhoods. The only time they really pay attention to it is when there's another accident on Roosevelt Boulevard. As the oldest north- and south-running artery in the country, established over fifty years before I-95, the Boulevard is famous for having two of the most dangerous intersections in America.

Despite being treated as the least-favorite child by most Philadelphians, though, this area possesses just as much culture, shopping, nightlife, and restaurants as the rest of Philadelphia. Just on a more diffuse scale. Philly all around is a different kind of friendly, and the Northeast is a different kind of friendly again. With its own terms, food, and attitudes, the NE is too big and special to ignore.


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Posted By:  Meg Favreau
Photo:  Meg Favreau

Hinge Cafe
I first found Hinge over two years ago, when I was sick as snot with the flu, half out-of-my brain and dragging my ass around Port Richmond trying to find an ATM. See, the doctor who I picked out of the phone book was kind enough to see me first-thing that morning, but when I tried to pay her, the credit card machine didn't work, sending me blindly into the neighborhood looking for cash. When I pulled myself into Hinge, I discovered that they didn't have an ATM, but they did have coffee, food, and an almost disturbingly eclectic decor that was part cafe, part jewelry store, and part home-dining-room where everyone in the family leaves their paperwork out. I returned to the restaurant a few weeks later with a clearer head to discover not only that their brunch was delicious (think: pesto, goat cheese, eggs, tomatoes, and bread), but that there was no wait. That's right--no wait for a delicious brunch in Philadelphia, a city whose best bruncheries are known to command hour plus wait times. Since then, Hinge has become my regular brunch spot, because we all know that time = money, and money = food.

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