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Oh to live in the shadow of the goalposts and foul poles! Of course, for this extreme proximity to Philly's fabled stadia, you must pay a heavy price in daily aggravation, from extreme noise pollution (lots of booing, which carries surprisingly far), to always-jammed streets and drunken louts peeing on your zinnias.

Pretty much everything revolves around the stadium complex here, from nightlife to dining and entertainment. If you want a nice restaurant either following the afternoon game or before the late game, stop into Medora's Mecca and be sure to try some of that fabulous tiramisu.


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The Phanatic vs. Swoop: Showdown

By Meg Favreau
Philly fans are hardcore about their sports, and the mascots are no different. Meg Favreau illustrates a violent encounter between two legendary Philly mascots to settle the ultimate score. Let's get ready to rumble!

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Posted By:  Allison Lowrey
Photo:  Allison Lowrey

Citizens Bank Park
We finally got a parade. The Phillies won the World Series and brought delicious victory to a long-starved city. Strangers hugged on Broad Street. Neighbors cheered with Miller Light cans at the parade. Save a few rioters and looters, the city embraced this championship by showing nothing other than goodwill and joy. And nearly a full week after our ballplayers won it all, people on the streets are nicer. Folks are holding doors open for one another. Commuters on the subway are smiling. Maybe this win is all it took to change our city people's reputation from one of standoffish bastards to warm and fuzzy teddy bears. Maybe this will dial back our inferiority complex. Because it wasn't the Yankees or the Red Sox who won this year--it was the Phillies. And we have another 300+ days of, as Chase Utley so eloquently put it, being World Fucking Champions. Enjoy, y'all!

Posted By:  Jamie Papoutsis
Photo:  Jamie Papoutsis

Lincoln Financial Field
I'm not an Eagles fan; hell, I'm not even a football fan, but I was offered a pair of free tickets to a game and thought, "why not?" I think Sarah Palin thought the same thing during her interview with Katie Couric: Where the hell am I? Is there some code of conduct that states it's completely acceptable to resume Neanderthal status when you come within 400 meters of Lincoln Financial Field? The disregard for public property was just the beginning. Never had I been privy to such careless, tasteless, and appalling behaviors. And, as an issue of courtesy to the people sitting beside you, if you're too big for one seat, buy two! I left before the second quarter was over and ran into two trashed, tinseled, teen fans on the subway platform. They had forgotten how to get home; um, silly girls--the subway only runs one way from Pattison Station.

Posted By:  Allison Lowrey
Photo:  Allison Lowrey

Citizens Bank Park
If you watched any national sports coverage at the beginning of the playoffs, you probably never saw it coming. Seemingly, the entire sports community was rooting for the long-cursed Chicago Cubs. Surely this would be their year. Everyone could feel it--it was destiny!... or not. Looking for a new angle, sportscasters then jumped on the 'wouldn't-it-be-great-to-see-Manny-face-off-against-his-former-Sox-teammates' train, confident that the epic battle would come to fruition. Except it didn't. Sorry, ESPN guys. While you were busy crafting dramatic stories, the Philadelphia Phillies worked their bats and slid under your radar. And now they're in the World Series. What do those sports analysts know, anyway? Congrats, Phillies. We're pulling for you.

Posted By:  Michelle Sipics
Photo:  Michelle Sipics

Citizens Bank Park
The "I can't believe we're in the playoffs" celebrations began around four o'clock on Sunday September 30th. A huge pep rally at City Hall–one that spilled over onto the surrounding streets and Love Park–was just the beginning, as there are many more to come. Quite frankly if you're still sitting inside somewhere reading this instead of heading out to find the next party, you should be ashamed of yourself. Stop into your nearest NFT-approved bar, make reservations for a celebratory dinner, or just dance up and down Broad Street with the masses, but for goodness sakes, get out there! For those of you who did make the rally on Monday you had the chance for free postseason tickets (I hope one of you got them because I sure didn’t!) and you got to watch Harry Kalas serenade the city with his rendition of "High Hopes." But whatever your preferred method of celebrating, just keep reminding yourself, this is not a dream. We're really in the playoffs. Phinally!

Posted By:  Allison Lowrey
Photo:  Allison Lowrey

Citizens Bank Park
I am the first to admit it: I’m lazy. And impatient. I will easily sacrifice quality for convenience. When I go to Citizen’s Bank Park to watch the Phillies make my day/break my heart, the widespread aroma of junk food paired with a few Miller Lights (that cost their weight in gold) make me hungry. On Dollar Dog night, the line for hot dogs is a half hour long, at least. That’s right, one half hour. Because in this city, we measure distance with time, as opposed to more appropriate measurement units like inches, feet, or miles. Forget about the line for crab fries or Rick’s steaks. If I’m standing in line that long, there’d better be a roller coaster or really good concert tickets waiting for me when I get to the front of it. For instant food gratification, a short line, and delicious ballpark food, head to Bull’s BBQ. I’m bonkers for both the BBQ pork sandwich and the pit beef sandwich smothered in horseradish. Steer clear of that prehistoric turkey leg, though. You’ll be a spectacle eating it (not all attention is good attention, it turns out) and it’s greasy and disgusting, to boot.

Posted By:  Allison Lowrey
Photo:  Courtesy Urban Blazers

Are you the kind of person who rides around on your high horse and says that Brad, Angelina, and Oprah’s volunteerism is really fantastic while back-handedly questioning why they don’t help people out at home, in America? And the last time you contributed to any humanitarian efforts was when? Don’t hang your head in shame—join Urban Blazers (, a non-profit organization that whisks inner city youths away from the concrete playgrounds of Philadelphia and into nature, where they get the opportunity to ride mountain bikes, rock climb, and go rafting. If you’re the kind of person who needs something more tangible than the sense of satisfaction you get from helping others broaden their horizons, then head to Urban Blazers Winter Tailgate Extravaganza at the Citizen’s Bank Ball Park McFadden’s on Saturday, February 24th. The fundraiser runs from 3 pm to 7 pm and the $20 cover charge will grant you access to all sorts of fun drinking activities like beer pong, flip-cup, and trivia. There will also be a silent auction where you can bid on sports memorabilia, gym memberships, gift baskets and other fun stuff. Who doesn’t love drinking for a good cause?

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