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For all intents and purposes, the area is connected to the stadiums, if for no other reason than its proximity to both 95 and Columbus--the two main routes to the sports complex. It is also the land of the Mummers, with "Two Street" being their main thoroughfare.

A sampling of South Philly in all its glory: lots of Italian joints, with a ton of Asian and Latino restaurants. Then there's Tony Luke's for all your hoagie needs and proximity to the shopping on South Columbus, including boffo big-box small business-slaying IKEA and Lowe's.


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Posted By:  Meg Favreau
Photo:  Meg Favreau

Asylum Arena
Remember a couple of years ago when everyone was suddenly obsessed with Kaiju Big Battel, the monster wrestling league? It reminded us all that at its best, wrestling isn't overly ripped men with stringy, Gollum-like hair, it's tremendous athletes donning campy costumes and following ridiculous story lines. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have a new wrestling obsession for you: Chikara. Taking place with relative frequency in South Philly, Chikara is some of the most gleefully ridiculous shit I've seen in this city in the last year: tag-teaming men in ant costumes, midget wrestlers, moves with eight-plus people working's fabulous. And it's family friendly, too--nothing all that dirty, disgusting, or violent: just good ol' fashioned wackyness. The next show in Philly is on November 22, just in time for Thanksgiving. Because what I'm thankful for this year is definitely men dressed up like snakes and lumberjacks doing body slams.

Posted By:  Caren Beilin
Photo:  Caren Beilin

I bet you thought you were pretty cool eating brunch at Sabrina’s last Sunday. I bet you felt one with the crowd waiting around for Morning Glory to seat you last Saturday. I bet you loved your little Continental stop on an unexpected Tuesday and your Marathon Grill guilty pleasure thing you do on Thursdays. How’s that wallet of yours holding up? It’s probably about as thin as a slice of cow tongue, but I’m just guessing. Lately, I’ve been eating at Ikea. From the Swedish meatballs with lingonberries, to a Philly cheese steak (they’ll even use whiz if you want them to), it all costs under five dollars—and breakfast is just 99 cents. The cafeteria is clean and bright (leave it to Ikea) and there’s a breathtaking view of a gigantic rusted-out ship docked in the river just beyond the parking lot. Bonus tip--great summer hang out for those who don’t have air-conditioning.

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