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Point Breeze / West Passyunk

Hey, want to see where Beanie Sigel claims he got shot? That's here: head to 22nd and his namesake street. Things around this neighborhood are sort of friendly and the rents are super-cheap (with good reason), but parking at night is nigh impossible. Yeah, that's right: nigh.

South Philadelphia Tap Room is the gem around here, serving up delicious food and good beer (after beer, after beer). Melrose Diner is your place for classic 24-hour eats. For ravioli and BYOB, L'Angolo will do the trick.


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Posted By:  Robert Johnson
Photo:  Robert Johnson

Where else in Philly can you have Lobster & Crab mac 'n cheese washed down with Watermelon Sangria and a seriously cool atmosphere other than Valanni? I mean really, cause I'm kinda obsessed with this place and I can't stop craving the medi-Latin cuisine. Apparently, the story is the owner of the place went to Spain and fell in love with the culture (and food) and was kind enough to share his experiences through Valanni's tapas, entrees, seasonal sangria, and delicious drink menu. Thank you Valanni man, whoever you are. The vibe inside the restaurant is moody and hip. What's best of all is although being in the restaurant makes you feel fancy and high-class, there's no feeling of pretentiousness like some other places and I won't name names. (Even though I should.) Make sure you stop by and get a drink (or seven) like the "X Boyfriend" or the "Blueberry Cotton Candy Martini." But don't worry fellas they've got the non sweet stuff too, feel free to order the filthy martini, they are oh so wonderful.

Posted By:  Allison Lowrey
Photo:  Allison Lowrey

South Philly Comics
South Philly Comics on Passyunk Avenue is almost as mysterious as the superheroes featured on shelves within its shop. From out of the blue sprung a bright sign and comic books where only a vacant storefront had stood hours before. The shop is open late for comic geeks who need a fix before bed, or for folks who haven't splurged on the digital conversion box and need to rent a movie STAT. That's right--believe it or not, you don't need to own a computer or visit the United States Post Office to rent a movie! The selection of movies and comics might be limited now, but we can only hope the selection grows as this store grows some roots and gets some repeat customers. Beyond offering comics and videos, budding rock stars can go in and see about signing on for some guitar lessons or get their axe restrung. If many comic book characters are renaissance men, then South Philly Comics looks to be a renaissance shop, providing entertainment across all mediums.

Posted By:  Allison Lowrey
Photo:  Allison Lowrey

South Philadelphia Tap Room
I don't cross over to the west side of Broad Street in South Philly very often. I mean, who needs to go to the library, anyway? It's a self-admitted mental block. I like to compare the side of Broad that I live on with neighborhoods like the Huxtable's. And across the street, I see the burning, rioting city from The Crow. When I finally mustered the energy to cross Broad and set off to find the South Philly Tap Room, it came at me like an oasis in the desert: a hip joint jutting out from a sparse, litter-lined street. With one of the best beer menus in the city, it's no wonder people flock to this cozy establishment that they recently had to expand to the space next door. The bartenders and servers are polite, but not overly friendly--so don't look for unsolicited beer recommendations. Except for the random experience of sitting at the bar next to an incredibly inebriated prostitute who kept lighting cigarettes and falling off her stool while angrily slurring at her friend, the SPTR has been nothing other than a quaint delight.

Posted By:  Meg Battistelli
Photo:  David Graham

OK, I’m just going to say it. The only thing this place has going for it is tradition. And sometimes tradition just ain’t worth it. Sure, old-timers pack the Melrose morning, noon, and night and get turned on by the fact that the waitresses call you “hon,” but does anybody really think it’s good? Doubtful… although you’ll find people who would just as soon cut out their tongues than say an unkind word about this South Philly institution. Sharing booths with strangers? Run-of-the-mill, assembly-line food? Gruff service? No thanks. If I wanted my food thrown at me, I’d have stayed married. Face it, South Philly just isn’t the place for traditional diners. If you’re looking for a good diner, trek up to the Northeast. No matter where you are up there, you’re never out of spitting distance of a decent diner. (Best bet: The Dining Car, 8826 Frankford Ave.).

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