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Convenient to Center City while preserving a country feeling, East Falls has been home to many famous Philadelphians. Grace Kelly lived here before that whole princess gig came up, for one. A short drive away from the main goings-on, the perks are proximity to River Drive for a run and owning your own delightful, ivy-covered chunk of yesteryear.

Not a hotspot by any means, nature lovers and families are more suited for the area. The number of restaurants remains small, though the food is generally good, and Falls Taproom is a good place to grab a beer. Laurel Hill Cemetery offers tours during the fall and quaint-yet-drunken parties at various points in the year.


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Posted By:  Julius DeAngelus
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Laurel Hill Cemetery
If you're into the macabre (and you are, aren't you, you deathmonger, you!) the historic or really, really cool family plots (some with tapering monoliths twenty feet high) then Laurel Hill is just the cemetery for you. Yeah, it sounds kinda weird but trust me, you won't be bored if you're the type of person who isn't creeped out by wandering among headstones. Laurel Hill overlooks the Schuylkill (that's skoo-kill to you out-of-towners) River and is the final resting place for several famous people, including Simon Gratz, Henry Derringer (think tiny gun man), Sarah Hale (think Mary had a Little Lamb), George Meade and hundreds of past mayors, military officers, authors and politicians. One of the most appealing things about the cemetery, to me, though, is the architecture of the headstones, monuments and mausoleums. This year will be the 4th Annual Gravediggers Ball--check out the website for more info on that. It's on the 10th of... well, October, of course.

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