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The elitist's Bermondsey, Shad Thames is home to ultra-hip boutiques, glass balconies, and converted warehouses. No café dares exist without its own gallery. Bermondsey Street blossoms as an epicentre of creatives knocking out their latest bestseller over brunch, while the More London space by the Thames is an invigorating crowd-pleaser. Head to so-new-its-still-burping-formula Shortwave for indie flicks, and The Scoop for top free events.


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Posted By:  Julia Dennison
Photo:  Julia Dennison

Alfie's With Chips
Anything with chips has to be good. And at Alfie's With Chips in Bermondsey, you can get pretty much anything you want with chips to takeaway. Though, of course, not to go for the ethically-sourced fish and chips here would pretty much be a crime. Tucked away behind Alfie's Kitchen at the Bermondsey Square Hotel is this little hole in the wall that sells delicious chips (cooked to preference: in that they actually ask you how you want them done) and fish that is flaky and battered deliciously. The mushy pieces come in ample portions that won't leave you hungry, though the boxes they give you to takeaway are a bit too big for their contents, fooling the hungry tummy into thinking it could eat more. The shop opens onto the fancier Alfie's Kitchen, so if anything else it's a good way to get a hold of the restaurant's posher food for a cheaper price.

Posted By:  Julia Dennison
Photo:  Julia Dennison

Summer comes and we go to the movies. Crazy, we know, but this isn't any old cinema, it's Shortwave in Bermondsey, where it's as much about the cold beer you can drink on their outdoor Bermondsey Square terrace as the hot, independent films it's showing in its intimate screening room. Shortwave, still a fairly new addition to the ever-developing Bermondsey, is refreshing. Where the Ritzy in Brixton is more of a cinema with a bar, Shortwave is more of a bar with a cinema. The screen itself is pretty small (Z-list celebrities have bigger flat screen TVs) but the seats are plush, the selection of art-house films is well thought-out and the bar is good. The ambiance exudes coolness in a nice way, that doesn't seem showy or pretentious, reflecting its down-to-earth Bermondsey surroundings. Shortwave could use a bit more in the snack department, while their selection of locally-sourced food is good, popcorn comes in a pre-packed bag, which is a bit of a downer. Though as long as you can bring your beer into the film with you, we're not complaining. Certainly, however, what Shortwave lacks in fresh popcorn, it makes up in ambiance and good taste.

Posted By:  henneke sharif
Photo:  henneke sharif

Tower Bridge
Looking at Tower Bridge from Bermondsey is like looking at a postcard the wrong way round. I mean this in a good way. If you stand by the river at Bermondsey at night, maybe Cherry Garden Pier, and look west you see proper London, the bright lights, big city. But look east and you'll see low sodium lighting, all orange and squat against the dark river. Tower Bridge is the old faultline between acceptable London--the west--and another place. Of course it's all changing now, and this low dark strangeness will soon be submerged by new developments. Come and see it while you can. If you go during the day, it's worth checking out the places where you can get down on to the foreshore. A set of steps by Anchor Brewhouse will take you to the foundations of the bridge itself. You can look up at it from below. Or follow the river east, past the locals fishing at Fountain Square, and there are more steps down to the shore where you can beachcomb for knobbly london pebbles, or perhaps a knee cap picked clean by the tide.

Posted By:  Julia Dennison
Photo:  Julia Dennison

Fine Foods
In life, everyone needs a local Italian deli where some guy named Melo gives you extra slices of speck while you 'um' and 'ah' over antipastos through a glass counter. Well, SE1 residents can at least tick that box. The little Long Lane Deli nestled away from the rest of trendy Bermondsey, is something us neighbourhood locals can call our own so when we bring squidgy ciabatta bread and addictively runny Gorgonzola to the dinner party, we can say 'Oh yah. It's just from my little local place' and smile smugly at the others whose 'local places' consist of a Costcutter and Tesco Express. Plus, if you're 'so over Starbucks' as so many trendy Bermondseyites are, this nook of a shop opens its doors at 7 am, so you can pop in for the espresso shipped in from Italy. Plus, its wealth of olives, mushrooms, cheeses, cold meats, pastas, jarred sauces and bread sticks provide a sufficient alternative to Borough Market on a Saturday, particularly when the relentless crowds of the latter are disagreeing with your hangover.

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