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East Somerville / Sullivan Square

People go to Sullivan Square for the Orange Line or if they have a package at UPS. The historic Schrafft's Building, formerly the country's largest candy factory, looms over this throughway of a neighborhood from Cambridge/Somerville to Charlestown, Everett, and Malden.

Vinny's at Night is one of the best reasons to visit this part of town. Don't be fooled by the convenience store frontage: in back lies a treasure trove of unreal Sicilian food. The other best reason to come here is the secret gem and aptly named Tavern at the End of the World -- just don't fall off the edge.

Hellooo, bus depot! Sullivan Square Station is a major stop for several bus routes, as well as the Orange Line. If driving, beware of the other drivers, confusing signage, multiple rotaries, and annoying traffic -- oh, did you forget you were in Boston?See more.


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Posted By:  Emily Doutre
Photo:  Emily Doutre

Gold's Gym
You’re probably reading this and thinking, “Gold’s Gym? Isn’t that rather ghetto?” I once subscribed to that manner of thinking myself. Then again, if you do not consider yourself a “fitness freak,” do you really need to work out at a huge, state-of-the art facility? (No, you don’t. Stop fooling yourself.) If you’re like me, and your gym needs are basic (and your wallet is thin), don’t dismiss Gold’s so quickly. I recently saw the light of Gold’s when I learned that they offer group exercise classes, like yoga and pilates. Despite its somewhat prickly interior, Gold’s Gym in Somerville is also equipped with cardio equipment, resistance machines, free weights, a sauna, tanning equipment, as well as several flat screens for your viewing pleasure. There is even a ladies-only section of the gym, in case you’re one of them fussy broads that doesn’t appreciate the ogling of sweaty jocks. And membership rates are nearly HALF that of other area fitness centers (I’m looking at you here, BSC). So if your butt is big, but your ego is not, and you prefer not to frequent a night club disguised as a fitness club, give Gold’s a sporting chance. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Posted By:  Leah Bagas
Photo:  Leah Bagas

Fajitas & Ritas
Hiding out on a side street somewhere between the Commons and Downtown Crossing is Fajitas and Ritas. It reminiscent of an artistic dump but the wall murals, including dancing animated drinks (no you didn’t drink too many margaritas), are fun. I think the best part about Fajitas and Ritas is by far the ‘ritas. The only problem is the most tasty margarita is hands down the mango (trust me I tried every flavor) and it is not a permanent staple on the menu. Aye Carumba. What really sets this place apart though are the vegetarian options. I am not a vegetarian but I couldn’t help but noticing how much more scrumptious the veggie quesadilla was than anything else on the menu. There was a good variety of sautéed vegetables as opposed to just beans as an option. The atmosphere is one of a kind including the bathroom. I just recommend going at home before you go out because if you go in there, you will feel like you need a shower. The upside though is that when you get back to your seat and have a sip of your mango-rita you forget all about the back bathroom.

Posted By:  Kevin Spak
Photo:  none

Good Time Emporium
So, you’re a gambling addict, but you just don’t feel like dragging your tookus all the way to Foxwoods for a little blackjack? Or maybe you’ve just never been a fan of the $10 minimums at most casino tables. Well, Good Time Emporium—already a favorite for things like batting practice, laser tag, pick-up basketball, and drinking—has you covered. Come in on Friday or Saturday night and you can saddle up to the felt tables and try your hand at a variety of low-limit casino games. Yes, you’re betting, winning and losing actual money. How is this legal? It probably has something to do with the maximum payout of $25 on each hand, but who really cares? After all, it may not be the Mirage, but it does have go-carts. And what else do you really need?

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