I'M a misanthropic snob. But also easily pleased, when I find something good. I semi-maintain a blog full of pictures of dead birds; if you see one, take a picture and email it to me.

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Mural, Mural on the Wall
Illadelphia, Filthadelphia, City of Brotherly Love ... whatever Philly is to you, there's a mural for it somewhere. Amidst the spectacular three-story-high or building-long murals that ooze local culture, there are some off-kilter gems you won't find in the official tours. Augustin Kendall brings you an alternative mural tour that will not only satisfy your artistic appetite, but your thirst and sweet tooth cravings as well.   

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Very Important Products
5/28/2010 Shopping, Rittenhouse / Logan Circle — Gourmet, maybe not. Groceries, definitely. I reroute my travels through this neighborhood to go here...

Cafe Mocha
Dark Horse
5/26/2010 Coffee, Center City East — Like many (all?) non-chain coffee shops, Cafe Mocha bills itself as a gallery for local artists in a...

Beaux Arts Vintage
Multi-category Fine Arts
5/3/2010 Shopping, Center City East — It's a video store. No, it's a purveyor of antique kitchenware and other assorted items that fall in...

Locust Bar
Secret Smoking Haven
4/23/2010 Nightlife, Center City East — For those who take cigarettes with their alcohol, Locust Bar is a breath of stale, smoky air. Since...

Make Your Own Meal
4/6/2010 Restaurants, Center City East — Though you wouldn't know it, Maoz is actually a chain. Most locations, however, are in other countri...

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Maoz Dutch falafel chain with all-u-can eat toppings.
VIP Food & Produce Pretty sweet grocery spot. Lots of unique choices.