Patrick Hellen

PATRICK was formed when a meteor hit a dinosaur fighting a robot as they both sank into a volcano. The subsequent creation forced him into a coma that he did not awaken from until 1979. He's since roamed the Universe with his capuchin monkey Ampersand, created the fine art of sarcasm(like you didn't know), and is on the short list for Obama to make him Chief of Awesomesauce or the Secretary of Rock Band. If you'd like to rock, or compare Monkey stories, say howdy at

10 NFT Questions:
My Day Job:
     Community Manager now. MOVIN ON UUUUUP!
What I'm listening to:
     A little Guster, a little Greg Laswell, and a shit load of Jack White.
What I'm reading:
     Just read Ready Player One. Brilliant 80's nostalgia moment.
What I've just seen:
     The Wire Season 2. God I love that show.
What I believe in:
     To do something that makes you uncomfortable every day.
What pisses me off:
     People who abandon their dogs at the MSPCA.
What I really think of NFT:
     That no matter how hard we try, Tourists keep sneaking in.
The question I really wanted to answer was:
     Q: Who in history would you most like to get into a fistfight with?
    A: Elvis. He knew karate and Nixon!
Further contact info:
     @patrickch on twitter. It's how my brain works in small bites.
What sanctifies me:

Patrick's Photos

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St. Alphonzo's Kitchen
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Rockspot Climbing
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4/2/2010 Gyms, — No, not chalkbag...starts with a D. Alright. Typically I give a new joint the benefit of a few vis...

MetroRock Boston
Huge & Hardcore
3/20/2010 Gyms, — Living in New England, you are surrounded by amazing outdoor places to rock climb and boulder, but y...

Chuck & Ann's
Southie Tested, Pope Approved
2/10/2010 Restaurants, Newmarket / Andrew Square — Having lived in Southie for the better part of a decade now, it's rare for me to find a spot that I...

Submitted Listings

21 Dry Dock Ave. Silver Line
25 Dry Dock Ave. Silver Line
306 Northern Ave. Silver Line
49 Social Seasonal plus fresh seafood.
5 Napkin Burger Burgers so good you'll slap your momma.